March 22, 2016

Catch the premiere of the NBC show “Heartbreak” tonight and the second episode tomorrow night with our client JLouis Mills as Dr.  Forester.

Mills is the son of an NFL player and spent his younger years on the East Coast. As he grew fascinated with film and television, he got his first taste of the business as a background performer on the film “Waiting to Exhale.” This was when Mills first decided that acting was his dream. Five years later, Mills realized that there was nothing left for him in Arizona and made his permanent move to Los Angeles.

Mills started taking acting classes and booking small roles in independent films when he suffered an injury to his eye, leaving him with scar tissue over the cornea. After a year of recuperation, he attended an acting workshop where he met Gail Williamson. She saw his scar as an asset rather than a deterrent and they started working together.

Mills resides in Southern California with his two cats, and spends as much time as possible at the beach.